Pre-launch in USA!!!

Pre-launch in USA!!!


We are very happy to announce that today Zinzino has taken the first big step to Balance USA!!! We have now started the Pre-launch!!!

An American flag is now available in all Partner registrations which mean that all partners can start to enroll and register US-partners. Next week the Customer registration will be available.

Our American partners are eager to learn from us and are very willing to cooperate with European partners. Let’s give them a big welcome to Zinzino.

If you have planned to work in the US –market it is very important that you read the information below carefully:

US- Library
The USA library is now available for all countries. It is very important to point out that it is many differences between US-market and EU-market. Please read all the material carefully and make sure that you understand!

It is only our Balance-products that are available in the US. Please see the US-price list to see which products are available in for US-partners and Customers. Please note that The Zinzino BalanceTest is not available for purchase for Partners and customer living in the state of New York. There are no committed subscriptions for customers as an example.

Claims regarding our products
It is very important that you understand that the claims we are allowed to use in connection with marketing our products in Europe differs from the ones we are allowed to use in the US-market. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved some claims that are allowed in the US, you can find these in our US Balance Catalog and on the US website at Please make sure that you stay professional and use the right claims in the right markets! An FAQ for Balance products will soon be published both for US-market and EU-market.

Payments in the US Customer registration, Partner registration and webshop can only be made with American credit/debit cards. European credit/debit cards cannot be used. Please also note that that US has a different order system when it comes to taxes on products and that the tax differs between states.

Zinzino has a warehouse in USA. All US-order will be shipped from there. The delivery time differs depending on where the Partner/customer lives. Orders made in the US registrations or webshop can only be shipped to addresses in the US (Alaska and Hawaii = Yes , Puerto Rico=no).

Commission plan
The US market has their own Commission plan that differs in some ways from the EU-commission plan, mostly due to the fact that they have a different system for customer and that they use US-dollars. Use the correct terminology about deadlines. Read the US Commission plan closely and make sure you understand.

Marketing Material
A customer folder and a Balance catalogue for US-market will soon be available. (A Balance product Catalog for EU-market will be ready in the beginning of 2014).


Please remember: This is ‘Pre-Launch’. We are not 100% ready. This is the nature of Pre-Launch.

More information will come!